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Using CBD for athletic recovery

The use of CBD is an exciting new prospect for many athletes and active people seeking an edge in better recovery.

CBD has over 400 minor cannabinoids that are great for reducing inflammation, fatigue, aches, and pains. CBD also aids in providing deep and restorative sleep, an essential component of recovery


There are several ways to use CBD in addressing your needs; CBD Oils and Gummies, taken orally, and topical creams and ointments. CBD oil is excellent for general maintenance, inflammation, and sleep support. Oils are the best option for delivering higher levels of CBD because of their higher potency options. Convenient lower-dosage gummies are good for spreading your daily dosage out during the day. They can be conveniently thrown into a gym bag and used before workouts or anytime to supplement recovery.

CBD topicals such as creams and balms are great for applying directly to areas of pain or discomfort. Topicals are safe to use several times a day.


CBD Oils (also known as tinctures) are taken under the tongue and are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Place an amount under the tongue for 30-60 seconds, then swallow. Gummies should be chewed and then swallowed. CBD Gummies take a different path into the bloodstream through the stomach and intestines.


Topicals can include: balms applied by hand, a freeze-gel dispensed via a roll-on applicator, and a balm stick used the same way a deodorant stick works. The advantage of roll-on applicators and balm sticks is that they allow athletes to apply products to problem areas without getting the product on their hands which can get into their eyes during sports.

CBD topicals such as a freeze product (similar to Biofreeze or IcyHot), often applied via a roll-on gel, can provide immediate cooling relief and longer-term repair and recovery. Another option, is a warming topical or warming stick (similar to Tiger Balm), that can be applied to targeted areas before a workout to help loosen muscles. Warming topicals are also helpful post workout to provide warm, soothing relief to needed areas.


How much CBD to take daily is covered in our blog post about dosage HERE. A typical regimen for a 100lb person could look like this:

  • Upon waking up, take 25 mg of CBD via CBD oil

  • During the day, eat one 25mg gummy

  • Apply CBD warming topical to problem areas 2x per day, targeting 25mg

  • Before bed, take 25mg of CBD sleep oil


CBD works differently for everyone, but faithful users experience reduced inflammation, less fatigue, faster recovery times, and better sleep. Perhaps it's worth giving it a shot? Remember that taking CBD products consistently over one month and finding the proper dosage (about 1mg daily for every pound of body weight) is vital to a successful recovery regimen! Yellow Athletic makes excellent CBD products for athletic recovery, check them out by clicking the button below.

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