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Our team includes athletes and medical advisors with backgrounds in Biosciences, Eastern/Chinese Medicine, and Western Medicine.
​We founded Yellow Athletic because the world of CBD and athletic recovery can be overwhelming and confusing. Yellow Athletic makes things easy by focusing on athletes and building the highest quality products for recovery that work!

Meet the Team

Robert Stang

Founder & CEO

About Robert

With a car trunk full of sports equipment, Robert's always ready for the next game. He co-founded several tech companies, owns Coffee Bar and is a board member of several non-profits. Robert founded Yellow Athletic after his positive experiences with CBD. Robert's sports background includes:

  • NCAA Division 1 Tennis player - Scholarship & Team Captain

  • NCAA Division 1 Assistant Coach, men's and women's tennis

  • World Ranked Tennis Player (ITF #43 men's 40+ over), U.S #4

  • USPTA Certified Tennis Professional

  • U.S Soccer Association Licensed Coach w/ 8 years coaching experience

  • Still playing: soccer, tennis, paddle tennis, crossfit, paddle boarding

Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 3.06_edited.jpg
Kaylah Sterling, M.Ed MTOM LAc

Medical Advisor

About Kaylah

Kaylah is a practicing Acupuncturist with more than 25 years of experience; she has treated thousands of patients. Kaylah is the former Clinic Dean at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in addition to being a professor where she taught hundreds of students who have established their practices and work in a variety of medical settings. She is the former Director of Integrative Medicine at Jewish Home. Kaylah has a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Health & Science.

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