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Are you ready to level up your game and crush it? Yellow Athletic is here to help you win the battle against aches, pains, inflammation, and poor sleep. Navigating the world of CBD and athletic recovery can be confusing, but we make it easy by tailoring our products specifically to athletes. Our team of experts, including a medical team with backgrounds in chemistry, Eastern/Chinese medicine, western medicine, and a variety of athletes in different sports and age groups, have created the highest quality CBD products for recovery that work! Our products are packed with the best ingredients, ultra-high potency, and enhanced with terpenes that focus the benefits of CBD and Vesisorb, a technology that improves absorption and effectiveness. Trust us, we know what it takes to be at the top of your game, and we are committed to being ethical, transparent, and professional in everything we do.


Meet the Team


Our team includes athletes and medical advisors with backgrounds in Western Medicine, Eastern/Chinese Medicine, and Chemistry.​ We founded Yellow Athletic because the world of CBD and athletic recovery can be overwhelming and confusing. Yellow Athletic makes things easy by focusing on athletes and building the highest quality products for recovery that work!


The Yellow Athletic

Our CBD All Star products will help get you out there doing what you love!

Don’t accept aches, pains or poor sleep as par for the course. 

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Our products are up to 5X more potent than other popular brands. Our Warming Stick has  6,000 mg of CBD, our CBD Oils have 3,000 mg of CBD, among the highest potencies available to ensure they work! We also use Terpene profiles formulated by Dr. Ethan Russo for specific effects such as recovery, sleep, energy and focus.

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Our products are tested by an independent third party laboratory to ensure quality, potency and safety. The Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) show you exactly what’s in the products that you buy. Making COA’s available on our website product pages is part of our transparent and ethical business practices.

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Athletes need powerful solutions made specifically for their needs. We know this because our team is comprised of athletes, and we formulated products for people like us. We get you!

Strength matters


If you want something to work, it's got to be strong

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